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My name is Adi Feld, I’m an organizational psychologist, lawyer and senior lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya.

Over the past decade I have turned my lifelong passion of lecturing into a career, conducting thousands of talks in front of a wide and diverse range of audiences from all walks of life. Delivering lectures to groups, organizations and private events.

I love taking groups of different people along with me on a transformational journey of personal growth and development, in order to promote the well-being of each and every individual and the group as a whole.  



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Positive Psychology Lecture

In the fast paced world we live in and its changing and challenging reality, the quest for happiness and personal wellbeing is undoubtedly significant for every single one of us.

The purpose of my lectures is to ignite the hearts of the participants, encouraging them to either embark or continue the ongoing journey of personal growth and development by applying the practice of Positive Psychology.    

The talks help promote a sense of happiness, self-realization, fulfillment and meaning with the aim of creating personal and social change. Particularly, when delivered in organizations, and then after implemented, I find that the lecture helps boost productivity, efficiency, motivation and unity in the work place - ultimately achieving optimal performance and results.

The lectures are based on dozens of scientific research studies which have become a seal of approval to the   “language” of Positive Psychology. The talks integrate many personal inspirational stories and highlight the primary understanding that by implementing the tools and strategies of Positive Psychology in our daily lives we can significantly increase our levels of happiness and overall well-being.  

Almost every one of the participants has a fascinating personal story, raising similar questions, and sharing similar obstacles, hardships, desires hopes and dreams. This led me to believe that “people are people are people” no matter the difference in their backgrounds. We are all human beings, sharing similar aspirations, passions and the pursuit for happiness. 

During our meetings together, we work towards achieving optimal individual growth of each and every person/employee in different areas of life: with himself/herself, at home, in relationships with spouse or children, etc.

Whether conducted privately or in an organization, the composition of the group which meets together on a weekly basis is critical to the individual and group process. The gathering gradually evolves into a unique and harmonic blend of people who come together to share their personal and professional experiences,   highs and lows, challenges and achievements. By doing so, we can further climb up the stairway (step by step) to a broader perspective that allows people/workers to enhance their well-being as individuals and as part of the entire group as a whole.

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Private Consulting

As a college student, I often found myself increasingly intrigued by the way lecturers gave their talks.  At times I was more occupied by their style of delivery, rather than the subject matter they tried to convey.  I was more interested in “how” they presented their talks and less in the “what”.

Shortly after I began lecturing, I realized that I had a natural understanding of this profession. Something intuitive that allowed me to speak directly to the hearts of my audience and politely bypass some of the fixed mindsets which often tend to get in the way.

Ever since, I have been training dozens of people individually on a private basis, helping them improve the skill of public speaking. Together we work on presentations, ideas, interviews, delivery, style, authenticity, group dynamics and other “ingredients” essential to giving a successful speech that resonates with the audience.

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