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Adi feld

By training, I am a certified lawyer and an organizational psychologist, but if asked to best define myself I can conclusively say that I am a lecturer with every fiber of my being. That’s what I derive the most pleasure out of doing professionally.

I discovered this passion while living in New York where I studied for my Master’s Degree at Baruch College/ City University of New York, and worked alongside Prof. David Sitt – the man who already then realized what I had yet to see in myself!  Sitt appointed me as his Assistant Lecturer and quickly pushed me to the front of the stage. Before I knew it, I found myself standing in front of a hall packed with 500 enthusiastic students, all of whom were eager to learn about the fine secrets of psychology.  It was there and then, right on the spot that I simply fell in love with the idea.  

Ever since and to this day, I am continuously lecturing, feverishly doing so with utmost dedication, love, faith and good intentions.   All this, with one shared goal in mind, and that is to evoke a personal transformation process that will increase both the emotional well-being of individuals, groups and communities as a whole. 

Within my core essence I am an extremely curious person who enjoys teaching and am constantly fascinated by the intricacies of human behavior. The content which I include in my lectures focuses on a wide scale of subjects, combining a broad scientific based approach as well as an alternative spiritual outlook.  It is always a compelling experience when people engage in the learning process and the thought provoking discussions that emerge from it.

My lecture is based on dozens of research studies conducted throughout the years and inspirational stories that help prove that applying the language of positive psychology can directly increase levels of happiness and well- being.

עדי פלד
עדי פלד

In 2010 I received my Master’s Degree and returned to Israel. 
At that time, in what proved to be perfect timing, The Maytiv Center for the Study and Practice of Positive Psychology happened to launch at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzlyia. Maytiv was founded and headed by Dr. Tal Ben-Schachar, an internationally renowned expert in the field of Positive Psychology. I was quickly hired as the sole lecturer, and the Maytiv Center got well under way. Its main goal then and now was to introduce and integrate the language of positive psychology into Israeli schools, with the aim of creating a conceptual revolution within the education system.

In addition to my work as a senior Lecturer at The Maytiv Center, where I also  teach the Certificate Study Program (courses which are open to the general public) and students at Reichman University, I deliver talks at organizations, communities and private events. My main goal is to guide groups and organizations through the emotional development process and personal growth - first as individuals and then as a group.

Over the past decade, I have delivered thousands of lectures in front of a wide scope of diverse crowds. People from all sorts of racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds; including teachers, judges, CEO’s, employees of big and small  companies alike, Directors of Human Resources, leading figures in the media and the list goes on.

The composition of each group as a whole plays a central role during the meetings. Each group varies from one another, differing in its dynamics, and a different relationship is established with each and every single group. The more the group engages itself in the learning process, the more I allow myself to reach higher and higher grounds.

On a personal note, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Ilana Rogel, a groundbreaking pioneer in her own field! Ilana is the one who introduced and led me on an enlightening excursion into the nature of the human soul and its essence. My studies at the Migdalor center which I am also a proud co- founder of, expanded my personal development and contributed immensely to my uniqueness as a lecturer.

I would also like to thank the women of my life: my mother - Ilana Feld, my partner - Limor Tamir (a coach for emotional and physical recovery) and my daughter Yuval, all are a daily inspiration to me by being a reflection of my life.


Am looking forward to meeting you at any one of life’s many junctions,

Adi Feld.

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Thank you!

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